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andré.D is a painter, a diversified trend.

In a boundless curiosity, from an early age, andré.D is an original artist who has stood out by an undeniable expertise.

Man of science, his professional activity left him little time to pursue his passion for art. Consumed by it, he decided to devote himself fully to his visceral attachment for painting.

With a scientific background and self-taught nature andré.D studied the different techniques and their implementation. It enriches personally attending more and more museums and exhibitions of great masters.

Professional artist, his painting is very diverse, ranging from acrylic, pastel, oil, until the use of the knife. The son of these exposures, successful, his painting evolved from figuration to abstraction, combining materials and glazes. These preferred sizes are between 6 and 20 points with a preference for 15 and 20 points (65 x 54 cm).

For andré.D the realization of a painting is a moment out of time, a complete harmony between the artist and this one. This is an emotional transfer with matter becomes alive ", answering sensitivity of the moment on any terrain without any limits.

With its diversified expertise, he multiplies exhibitions in France and abroad. Among the most important exhibitions include United States (New-York, Miami), Israel (Tel ‘Aviv), Italy (Rome), Belgique (Bruxelles, Bruges), Chine (Pékin, Shanghai, Daitong), France (Paris) …

His boundless passion and curiosity are nothing stop him.

andré.D entered in the dictionary of artists sides (Drouot quotation). He is an active member of the academic society "Arts, Sciences and Letters".

The artist lives and works in Paris