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My lastest Paintings

Biography of André.D

From his artist name, andré.D is a professional painter rated by a certified expert in art.

His painting is of diverse tendency.

With overflowing curiosity, from an early age, André.D is an original artist who has distinguished himself through undeniable know-how.

A man of science, his professional activity left him little time to indulge his passion for Art. Consumed by it, he decided to devote himself fully to his visceral attachment to painting.

Professional artist, his painting ranges from acrylic, pastel, oil, knife use and mixed media. Over the course of his successful exhibitions, his painting evolved from figuration to abstraction, combining matter and glaze.

For andré.D “the realization of a work is an instant out of time, a complete osmosis between the artist and this one, it is an emotional transfer with the material which becomes alive”, thus responding, to his sensitivity of the moment on all terrains without any limit.

With his diversified know-how, he has increased his exhibitions in France and abroad. Among the most important exhibitions we can mention Paris, Miami, New-York, Tel‘Aviv, Rome, Beijing, Bruges, Brussels … etc …

He does not hesitate to break limits and to venture into fields which are unknown to him.

Nothing stops him, he explores different techniques, meets failures but also successes, manipulating material, color, light, contrasts, glazes. He is inspired by Asian, European, modern and ancient painting to create his own universe that he transcribes on the canvas according to his personality and his sensitivity of the moment.

With a scientific background and self-taught in nature, andré.D studied the different techniques and their implementation on his own. He enriched himself personally by frequenting more and more museums and exhibitions of great Masters.

andré.D has entered the “dictionary of listed artists” (Drouot rating) and is an active member of the “Arts, Sciences & Lettres” academic society.

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